Unofficial Vote4Nader Blog: Vote Nader/Camejo 2004

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Results of the Vermont Green Party Presidential Caucus: from Vermont Green Party Web pages

Saturday, May 1

These results reflect the results of instant runoff voting (IRV) by 2004 VGP Statewide Meeting and Presidential Caucus attendees. Vermont's eight (8) delegates to the Green Party of the United States will cast their votes for the winner, as long as that candidate is an option in the rounds of voting. In each round, the last two finishers and/or those candidates receiving less than 10% of the convention vote, will be dropped off the ballot. In the case where the winning candidate is no longer a qualified choice, the delegates will then cast their votes for the next remaining candidate from the list of the top four (4) winners.

Winner: None of the Above

Second: Ralph Nader (write-in)

Third: Peter Camejo

Fourth: David Cobb

Click here to view candidate profiles for all the candidates for the Green Party nomination.

Additional information concerning the above is available within the News section of the Vermont Green Party Website, here:
At the meeting, attendees used instant runoff voting to decide on the state delegation's choice for presidential candidate. The winner was "None of the above," an option which allows for the endorsement of Ralph Nader, who is presently running as an independent. Vermont's eight delegates will take this preference to the national Green Party convention in Milwaukee in late June.

“The caucus vote indicates our members’ preference to support the potential endorsement of Ralph Nader’s Independent campaign at the Green Party national convention in June rather than nominate a home-grown candidate,” said Chevrier. If the voting goes similarly at the national convention in June, it’s possible that Ralph Nader could receive an endorsement from the Green Party, and Nader would sit atop the ballot in Vermont as the Green Party Presidential candidate.”

“This is a clear expression of Vermont Greens’ preference for a nationally-recognizable candidate who can represent the Green position on issues and our vision for the future of politics and government in America in the national debate”, Chevrier added.

As things happened to turn out Saturday, while I was out walking around downtown Montpelier, I came across the sign for where the VGP was soon to be holding its convention that morning and wandered in to check it out.

Once I spoke with a couple of the organizers, whom invited me to stay around and received an information packet from them, I went off for a small breakfast and came back in time for the portion of the VGP's convention schedule when they would discuss the Presidential nominees and, then, vote accordingly.