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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Not Dead Yet!

No, this blog and its lone blogger are not dead yet -- to borrow a phrase from a disability community organization, of which I am also a proud member (i.e., I am a person with a disability, however I am not officially a member of the Not Dead Yet organization) -- not by any means.

So, please know that not only am I alive and well, almost anyway and it is my hope and desire that this blog will be alive and well once again too.

Not to make any excuses, while I have managed to do some blogging on my personal blog the last month or so as well as some others I have created here and there up until a month ago, the fact is that I have not been able to update this particular over the last few months due to poor health, my fluid circumstance related to a lack of permanent housing, plus a serious lack of energy, time and online access.

Then there also have been times when there is a lack of much news to report too. However I expect this to change, especially after Labor day, once campaign really begins to heat up.

Yet there is certainly enough interest and excitement growing out there already, from the various sides, concerning the 2004 Presidential campaign.

In addition, I expect to change the layout (i.e., template) of the blog soon, whenever I can anyway. So a blog makeover should be forthcoming. As part of this change, I will be switching to using the comment feature now available via Blogger.

This will mean that the comments will disappear and the former ones will no longer be available. For this I apologize, but it is unavoidable. Using the Blogger comments will improve things, especially so I can keep up with them better and will be self-contained.

Though I have no idea if anything will come of it, I am also hoping that a few people (here) I have recently contacted would like to become part of a blogging team of contributing bloggers to this blog, so they can report directly from the field when they can via the blog.

Have long wanted this blog to be a team blog and it would be great if it included people doing the work they are for Ralph Nader's 2004 Presidential campaign, the sooner the better, so maybe I can get this blog up and running again, as I cannot do it all myself really.


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